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B. Renae Dobbe

Vice President

About B. Renae Dobbe

Beverly “Renae” Dobbe has been with Strategies since its inception. She and her husband Douglas created a company with core values centered on people over all else.  It is because of our dedicated team, that has been built over the decades, that Strategies continues to grow and progress!

Renae loves to help in all facets of the business.  Her marketing and sales background in the industry (previously working as a supplier rep in the late 80’s) helped shape how Strategies would be a team player with both our suppliers and our customers.Renae and Doug are proud parents of three grown children and presently three grandchildren.  She loves to travel…especially to the beach, go “up north” for R&R, and volunteer at church and the homeless shelter in town.  She loves that Doug loves to cook and BBQ; and together they enjoy hosting and entertaining.