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A Strategic Approach to Branded Merchandise

Dedicated to delivering quality, customized service to your unique promotional product needs.

See Where Promotional Products Can "Take Your Message"

Wouldn’t it be great if every customer who received your business card would take it and tape it to their phone, office wall, desk or dashboard of their vehicle?

That may seem like quite the stretch, BUT a properly selected promotional product can do just that.

Where would you like your brand or message to land?

  • Home
  • Vehicle
  • Work/Desk/Cubicle/Toolbox
  • On their Person (pocket/purse backpack)
  • A lifestyle location (golf bag, boat, camper etc.)

Learn more about the research, collaboration, focus on ROI, and how we help you set objectives to reach your goals. 

Person scraping a car window with a branded ice scraper.
Branded calendar with a company logo sitting on a desk.
Custom branded coffee mug with company logo.
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Our Strategic Approach

As you explore options to showcase your brand with promotional products and apparel, the challenge isn’t finding products to put your logo on, it’s finding quality useful products from reliable sources. 

That’s where Strategies comes in.

As a business practice, we’re focused on making lasting relationships with our clients. We seek out customers who are results-driven, those who are looking for a positive return on their investment (ROI).

We take a high-level, strategic approach with our clients. We get to know your brand, your story, and your goals to find the right branded merch solution for you.


Before we talk about products, we start with our Strategies Project Brief. It’s basically a series of questions that help us get to know you and your audience and gives a clear picture of your goals. 

These questions serve as the baseline as we start to brainstorm about the right promotional product solutions. 

  • What are your objectives? 
  • What logo/graphics are you looking to reproduce?
  • Do you have production ready artwork? If not, we can help.
  • When and where do you need the products delivered?
  • Who’s the receiving audience?
  • What have you used/tried in the past?
  • How will your purchase be deemed a success?

Our goal isn’t just to meet your budget objectives. We want to hit on
all other objectives and provide you with a home run promotion strategy. We strive to provide a concierge, curator, or guide style experience.


At Strategies, we work closely as an experienced team and with our extended network. We believe that communication and collaboration are essential to finding the right branded merchandise solutions. 

Every Product Solutions Rep at Strategies collaborates closely with the rest of our sales and support staff. With a combined 230+ years of industry experience, we know that we can come up with something great when we work together. 

In addition to our internal experience, we also have access to a network of 200+ members of The Partnering Group (TPG) is made up of distributors from all parts of the country. This network adds incredible depth to our already impressive experience pool.

We can help you take your project to new heights with finishing touches such as:

  • Special packaging
  • Hang Tags and romance cards
  • Fulfillment
  • Company stores


After 30+ years in the promotional products and apparel industry, we know the secret to getting a strong ROI (Return on Investment) on your promotional products. It’s all about recipient compliance. 

Recipient compliance is determined by the number of people who keep and use the branded merchandise you give out. The more people that keep and use it, the better ROI you’ll have. It’s something we focus on throughout the entire process. 

When a person receives a promotional product, three things run rapidly through their minds that determines if they’ll use it and for how long:

  • Is this useful?
  • Is it high quality?
  • Is it attractive/cool/trendy? 

If your promotional product achieves these three things, you have a solid shot at hitting a high recipient compliance rate. Our goal is to help you get a positive return on your investment (ROI), not add to your local landfill!


Our strategic approach will help you:

  • Brand:Your brand is more than your logo: it’s your company’s personality. Branded merchandise and decorated apparel take your brand into your customer’s, prospects and employee’s lives.
  • Communicate: Properly selected, branded merchandise creates interest, reinforces your message, and helps recipients remember the message long after it’s been delivered.
  • Motivate: Branded merchandise and decorated apparel can be used to incentivize employees to adapt a new behavior. Additionally, it can also be used to encourage customers or channel partners to buy or buy more often.
  • Reward: Everyone enjoys and appreciates hearing, “GREAT JOB!” Use promotional products, decorated apparel and incentives to thank, reward, encourage and engage employees and supply chain partners.

By keeping these goals and objectives in mind, it’s much easier to see a clear path and track the overall success of your branded merchandise campaigns for both customers and employees. 

We hold one of our nation’s largest annual Christian music events, “Lifest.” It spans 4 days every July in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Strategies has taken our merch to a whole new level. They understand our audience and have guided us through the sea of products to a much more complete product offering.


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At the end of the day, we want to help you find a product that resonates with your audience and is something they’ll use (not something that is thrown away)!    

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