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Graphic Design for Imprinting

We provide graphic design services for a variety of imprinting techniques to ensure your artwork is clear, recognizable and builds on your brand when it’s placed on your selected merchandise.

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Graphic Design Services

For more than 30 years, the Strategies team has helped clients bring their branding ideas to life with promotional products. Whether you have access to a full team of marketing and creative professionals or you are just getting started with a hand-drawn logo, our team can help.

Whether you are looking for custom T-shirt designs or want to design (or redesign) a logo, our team can help you bring your ideas to life. Contact us at 800.354.6548, or request more information.

Developing Special Packaging

Chances are, you’ve seen an unboxing video with an excited customer ready to show everyone what they received. Building on this excitement by creating a truly memorable unboxing experience can help your company leave a lasting impression on prospects, customers and employees. 

Whether you want fully customized packaging, are looking for a more economical option achieved through labels, or want to keep it simple by inserting a branded flyer or letter, Strategies can help. We can develop the package designs, or work with your team to design packaging that stands out. Learn more about our Special Packaging services.

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Preparing Your Artwork for Imprinting

We want your branded merchandise to look as good as possible. Our team is trained to review your submitted artwork to make sure it meets requirements specific to the printing techniques we’ll be using for your branded merchandise. 

Below is an overview of artwork requirements for all promotional product imprinting. Please reach out to your Product Solutions Rep for any additional artwork requirements for your imprinting technique.

Artwork requirements for imprinting

Vector files are preferred.

  • PDF (don’t forget to embed the fonts) or AI or EPS (remember to convert text to outlines and embed any linked images)
  • Images should be 300 pixels/inch 
  • Color mode should be set to CMYK
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