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Miron Construction Co., Inc.


Miron Construction was looking for a unique gift to give to employees, customers and key business allies to commemorate their 100 Year Anniversary.


During meetings with the Miron marketing team Strategies learned about a key piece of the Miron story and how it helped build their strong family-like culture. When the company was just getting started, employees of all levels would end the day by meeting in the shop grabbing a bucket, flipping it over to sit on. They would discuss the day’s events and swap stories and bond over a cold drink. We all agreed we needed to use a bucket in some way. We went to our go-to can Koozie provider and asked them if they could create a can Koozie big enough to fit over the outside of a 2.5-gallon plastic bucket. The key to this (ask) was that most can coolers are printed via dye sublimation. This imprint method enabled us to reproduce the bucket story on the backside of the bucket’s Koozie. The frontside featured the Miron 100th anniversary logo. Packed inside the bucket were four bottles of custom labeled gourmet soda. 2 root beer and 2 cream soda. A Yeti beverage tumbler and bottle opener completed the kit. While the whole Miron Team was at an offsite meeting, Team Strategies and one lone Miron employee delivered 500 plus buckets filled with all the goodies to every desk at the Miron corporate headquarters. The next day was like Christmas morning at the Miron headquarters. Buckets were later given to all other employees, customers, and key business allies.


Employees and customers raved about the creative gift and loved the story of the bucket and the birth of Miron Construction.

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