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Drive Your Brand With Top Golf Promotional Items

With the golf season swinging into action, companies have a unique opportunity to market their brands effectively by leveraging the popularity and wide reach of golf promotional items and merchandise. 

The sport continues to grow, with over 26 million players in the United States alone, making golf-related merchandise a prime choice for boosting your brand’s visibility and connecting with customers. 

“Golf has EXPLODED in interest over the last 4 years,” said Jacob Schultz, Product Solution Specialist at Strategies and enthusiastic golfer.  “A drastic event called Covid struck, and golf was one of the few things we could still go and enjoy.  The game is changing. People don’t think of it as an “uptight” activity but rather an opportunity to go see friends, listen to music, and have fun!”

Here’s a guide to this season’s top promotional golf items to help you hit a marketing hole-in-one.

1. Branded Golf Polos

If you watch any golf tournament on TV, you’re going to come in contact with brands, brands, and more brands. Each golfer is endorsed by different apparel companies. Every outfit throughout the weekend will showcase some of the best and newest golf apparel their brand has to offer. 

At Strategies, we carry all your essential golf brands, such as Nike, Under Armour, Callaway, Travis Matthew, Adidas, Antigua, Puma, and more. Sporting your brand logo alongside a staple golf brand increases visibility not just on the course but also in social settings like the 19th hole and beyond.

“While these brands offer high quality fabrics that keep you cool on the course, they are also buttery soft that make you want to sport them off the course in your day-to-day as well.” – Jacob Schultz

2. Customized Golf Balls

Golf balls remain one of our most popular promotional items. Whether networking with a client on the green or sponsoring a charity golf tournament, offering high-quality golf balls such as the Titleist Pro V1 with your company logo is a great way to keep your brand in sight and remind clients of your high-quality services.

3. Personalized Golf Tees

An inexpensive yet effective promotional tool, personalized golf tees achieve significant brand exposure. An average golfer uses approximately 6 to 8 tees per round, meaning a pack of 50 branded tees offers between 300 to 400 impressions. These are available in various colors to match your brand’s theme and make for a subtle yet impactful marketing tool.

4. Custom Golf Bags

Elevate your promotional strategy and make an impression on every hole with custom golf bags. Though more of a premium option, golf bags are a long-lasting promotional product, typically used for several years. 

These can be great options for corporate gifting and a way to thank a golf-loving employee or an executive member of a large client. 

Offering a large area for branding, they serve as a moving billboard for your logo. Brands like Callaway offer customizable options that cater to every golfer’s needs and preferences.

5. Golf Umbrellas and Cooling Towels

On average, a golfer spends about 3-4 hours on the course per game, much of it under the sun or in unpredictable weather. A durable, high-quality umbrella, like this Super Pocket Mini, or a compact cooling golf towel are highly functional products and offer a large imprint space and can make or break a golfer’s day in the elements.

“I worked as a caddie at Whistling Straits in Sheboygan, WI,” said Jacob.  “Any given day you could have sun, fog, rain, or 30 mile per hour winds.   It was important to be prepared for the worst and be comfortable to perform at your best!”

6. Golf Hat with Logo

Hats are a golf course staple worn by approximately 95% of players. A stylish hat with a broad visor, like the Nike Dri-FIT Perforated Cap, can protect players from the sun while prominently featuring your company logo. Lightweight and comfortable, these hats are useful beyond the golf course, serving as casual wear on sunny days.

7. PitchFix Products

Known for their golf accessories, PitchFix offers high-quality divot tools, hat clip ball markers, and one of their newest products, the PitchFix Aquabrush, which functions both as a sprayer and brush for easy and functional club cleaning. 

When it comes to golf accessories, most golfers pick their favorite item in each category and use it consistently over any others they may have. Make sure your brand is their favorite accessory with these PitchFix golf products.

Tee Off With Help From Strategies

Utilizing promotional products during the golf season offers a strategic opportunity to increase brand visibility and engagement. By choosing items that align with both your brand identity and the needs of your target audience, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are both meaningful and memorable. 

If you’re ready to show off your brand on and off the course, Strategies Ltd. is here to help. Our experts are here to help you drive your brand awareness way above par this season!

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