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Best Mental Health & Stress Relief Gifts for Work

April is Stress Awareness Month, a time to reflect on the impact stress can have on our lives, particularly in the workplace. With the increasing demands of modern work environments, finding a balance between professional responsibilities and personal well-being is more crucial than ever. 

As a business owner or HR professional, prioritizing your team’s mental health and offering support for stress relief can significantly enhance productivity, morale, and overall satisfaction. 

In addition to targeted company policies and benefits, strategic promotional products and branded merchandise can also be a great way to show employees you care about their well-being during Stress Awareness Month and beyond.

The Impact of Workplace Stress

The effects of stress in the workplace are profound and far-reaching. According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of workers in the United States say they suffer from work-related stress, and 25% say their job is the top stressor in their lives.

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) notes that ongoing workplace stress directly impacts job performance, job attendance, productivity, and employee engagement — all of which affect your bottom line. 

More importantly, medical studies have linked workplace stress to serious long-term health issues for employees, including cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, psychological disorders, and workplace injury.  

Looking at the big picture, creating a culture that values work-life balance is essential for mitigating stress at your company. Encouraging breaks and vacations, implementing flexible work arrangements, and fostering open communication between leadership and employees are effective strategies. 

“I’ve been delighted to be part of the Strategies team for the last 29 years,” said Fee Blackburn, a customer service representative at Strategies. “Being originally from England, Doug and Renae have been great at making it work so that I can travel back home at times or visit family and friends out of state. They also have never asked me to work extra on the weekend, recognizing that is my personal time away. Both of these are two big reasons why I’ve stayed all this time!”

On a smaller scale, providing helpful resources, training, and branded merchandise that support stress relief can empower employees to manage their mental well-being effectively.

“In the increasingly busy world we live in, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at times,” said Payton Dahlke, director of business development at Strategies Ltd. “A stressed workforce is a less happy, less productive, and lower satisfied workforce. Instead of work adding to that stress, employers have the opportunity to show their employees they care and try to help mitigate it. This not only benefits each individual, but also has the potential to impact overall productivity and employee retention as well.

Branded Stress Relief Gifts for Work

While work stress relief gifts are no substitute for a healthy company culture and policies, customized promotional products offer a unique opportunity to show you care about employee or customer well-being while increasing brand visibility. Let’s explore some stress relief gift ideas for the office.

1. Calming Essential Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy has long been used for stress relief and relaxation, making it a great option to reduce work-related stress. Portable and easy to use, essential oil diffusers can transform a home or corporate office environment into a tranquil oasis. Pair them with calming essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus for maximum stress-relieving benefits.

2. Wellness Journals

Journaling and expressive writing are popular therapeutic techniques among mental health professionals. Encourage mindfulness and self-reflection with branded wellness journals. These notebooks allow employees to jot down their thoughts, set goals, and track their progress toward achieving a healthy work-life balance.

3. Stress Balls and Fidget Toys

Classic stress relief items like stress balls and fidget toys remain popular for a reason—they work! These items can provide a great distraction when employees need a few minutes to clear their minds or reduce anxiety during a difficult meeting. Customize these items with your company logo for a fun and practical way to alleviate tension during busy workdays.

4. Self-Care Kits

When life and work get busy, employees, particularly women, put their needs on the back burner. Help them take some time to rest and recuperate by curating custom self-care kits containing a variety of stress-busting goodies such as herbal teas, scented candles, and eye masks. These kits give employees everything they need to unwind and recharge after a long day.

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones

There’s no doubt that the right audio can be a powerful stress reliever, whether working from home or in an office. Create a peaceful work environment by offering noise-canceling headphones branded with your company logo. These headphones help employees block out distractions with calming music or white noise, reducing stress and improving concentration.

6. Fitness Gear

In addition to improving physical health, exercise can also be a powerful stress reliever. Support mental well-being with branded fitness gear such as resistance bands, yoga blocks, or workout towels. You may also want to include a branded piece of workout apparel. Encourage regular exercise breaks to combat stress and improve overall health.

7. Hobbies

Another great way to support mental health and reduce stress is to encourage your employees’ hobbies and time away from work. You can create customized care packages that align with each individual’s interests — whether hitting the golf course, connecting with nature on a camping trip, perfecting their photography skills, or putting together a puzzle. Whatever their hobbies may be, these gifts show you know the team on a personal level and want to help them disconnect from work. 

8. Travel Gear

According to Zippia, more than 55% of Americans didn’t use all of their paid time off. It’s important to encourage your team to use their vacation time, as this is key to relaxing and caring for mental health. In addition to assessing your PTO policy and workloads, travel vouchers and essentials like luggage, toiletry bags, and portable chargers make great office stress relief gifts. They can be a subtle way to encourage time away from the office. 

Support Mental Health with Strategies Ltd. 

Remember, a little gesture goes a long way in making your employees feel valued and supported. Let’s make this Stress Awareness Month a transformative experience for your team. If you’re ready to explore customizable promotional products for stress relief and workplace wellness, contact us today to discuss your options and watch productivity soar! 

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