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Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2024

Recognition and appreciation are both important for employee satisfaction and engagement. Oftentimes, the two ideas are combined into one. “Well if I recognize them, they’ll know I appreciate them”. While this could be true, the motivation behind both actions are completely different, and employees know the difference. In simple terms, recognition is about what people do; appreciation is about who they are. If you focus solely on praising positive outcomes, on recognition, you miss out on lots of opportunities to connect with and support your team members — to appreciate them (Robbins, 2019).1

Employee Appreciation Day, which falls on March 1, 2024, provides an excellent opportunity to not only recognize the hard work and dedication of your team members, but let them know you appreciate the intangible things they add to your office just by being themselves.  While verbal appreciation and recognition are both important and should be utilized, incorporating promotional products can add an entirely different element and powerful avenue to expressing your gratitude.

One of the main benefits of incorporating promotional products into your appreciation and recognition programs is that they provide a physical reminders that employees are valued at the company and position they’re in. Words can come and go and be easily forgotten, but a quality, well-thought out promotional item will be touched and used on a regular basis. An extensive 2019 study by the University of Oxford’s Business School found happy workers to be 13% more productive.2 Giving employees a branded gift may not only increase employee job satisfaction, but also lead to greater results and profits for your company.

In this blog post, we’ll explore creative ideas and strategies to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day using promotional products.

Personalized Thank-You Gifts

Begin your employee celebration by giving each employee a personalized thank-you gift. These could be items like custom-made mugs, engraved pens, or personalized desk accessories. Consider customizing each piece to have their individual names alongside your company logo. This will make your employees feel valued as an individual – you invested resources and took the time to get a gift specifically for them.

Branded Apparel & Casual Day

Elevate the sense of belonging by gifting employees branded apparel like T-shirts, hoodies, or jackets. Not only does this create a sense of unity, but it also turns your team into walking ambassadors for your company. 

When you wear a Packers shirt (We’re proud to be based in Appleton, WI. Go Pack Go!) out in public, the general consensus to everyone around you is that you’re a Packers fan. You associate yourself with their team, their brand, and their business as an NFL organization. It’s the same exact concept with corporate branded apparel. When one of your employees wears your brand out shopping, they are advocating for your company to everyone around them. 

To make the gift of apparel more engaging, declare a casual day where employees can wear their new branded attire. It fosters a sense of community and pride in being part of the team.

Recognition Certificates and Awards

Utilize personalized promotional products to distribute recognition certificates or host an awards ceremony. There are times when recognition is warranted. In fact, recognition can be one of the highest drivers of employee engagement. In a study done by Quantum Workplace which surveyed over 600,000 employees, they found when employees believe they will be recognized for their efforts, they are 2.7x more likely to be highly engaged3. Highlight specific achievements and contributions, or honor an employee of the month, making employees feel applauded for their unique strengths and efforts.

Team Building Activities or Giveaways

Plan team-building activities on Employee Appreciation Day and reward participants with fun promotional products that enhance collaboration and team spirit. Put on a scavenger hunt, an escape room challenge, or even have a chili cook-off. Any activity you choose could be catered specifically to your business or industry. 

If a team-building activity isn’t right for you and your team, add your top 15 performers into a hat and pick names for giveaways at your employee dinner. Prizes for the winners of these activities or drawings could include premium branded options such as branded game sets, hard shell coolers, or a JBL Bluetooth speaker.

For Remote Workers – Branded Tech Accessories

If you’re looking for some Employee Appreciation Day ideas for remote workers, acknowledge the tech-savvy nature of hybrid and remote work with branded tech accessories. 

It can oftentimes be difficult to engage or feel connected to your remote staff. A calculated promotional products campaign can be a great way to show you haven’t forgotten about them and you appreciate all they do on a daily basis.

Consider sending high-quality headphones, webcam covers, or custom laptop sleeves to use while working from home. These items not only enhance your remote team’s home office but also serve as constant reminders of your appreciation.

Show Employees Your Appreciation in 2024

Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day with promotional products and premiums goes beyond simple recognition – it fosters a positive company culture, boosts morale, and strengthens the bond between employees and the company. 

By investing in thoughtful and personalized tokens of appreciation, employers can create a lasting impact and show employees that their contributions are truly valued.

Looking for branded merchandise to help show appreciation to your in-office or remote employees this spring? Strategies Ltd. brings decades of experience and will help you find the right branded merchandise for your team.

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