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35 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Company Picnic

At Strategies, we’re no stranger to hosting company picnics. Our annual summer picnic and barbeque is legendary — and something our team and customers look forward to each year. 

We’ve found that a well-organized company picnic fosters team spirit and camaraderie and serves as a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand. With the right mix of fun activities and branded merchandise, you can leave a lasting impression on your team and attract potential business partners who may be seeking similar solutions for their own events.

As we start to plan our yearly event, the fun ideas are rolling. We wanted to share some inspiration to help you plan your own epic company picnic. 

Why Plan A Company Picnic For Your Team and Customers

We know firsthand that planning a company picnic or big employee appreciation event can take a lot of time, money, and energy. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Here are a few of the benefits of company picnics and similar corporate events. 

Team Building

Company picnics provide an informal setting for employees to bond and build relationships outside of the workplace. These team-building events are especially beneficial for large or remote teams where folks haven’t had many opportunities to get to know each other personally yet. Inviting family, friends, and customers also allows for additional networking opportunities and a chance to put names to faces. 

Stress Relief

There’s no doubt that work can be stressful, especially if you’ve just gone through a particularly busy season or completed a large project. Picnics offer a break from the daily grind and provide an opportunity for your team to unwind and de-stress. Spending time outdoors, enjoying good food, and engaging in enjoyable activities help alleviate workplace stress and promote mental wellness.

Employee Appreciation

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and celebrate accomplishments. Company picnics serve as a tangible way for you to express appreciation for your employees’ contributions and dedication. Recognizing employees in a relaxed and enjoyable environment can enhance their sense of belonging and loyalty to the organization.


Picnics provide a casual setting for employees, management, and customers to interact in a more relaxed atmosphere. The less formal environment can prompt open communication, feedback, and relationship-building. These events can be a jumping-off point for potential partnerships, mentoring opportunities, long-term customer relationships, friendships, and more. 

Promote Company Culture

Organizing a company picnic that aligns with your organization’s values and culture reinforces your identity among employees, customers, and community members. It allows employees to experience your company’s culture of teamwork, inclusivity, and work-life balance firsthand.

Recruitment and Retention

A well-planned and enjoyable company picnic or corporate event can help you attract and retain top talent. Prospective employees tend to view a company that values work-life balance and invests in employees more favorably. Additionally, company picnics can help retain existing talent by strengthening employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Brand Promotion

Overall, company picnics provide an opportunity to show off your brand in a positive light. Branded merchandise, decorations, and activities reinforce brand recognition and create a memorable experience for all attendees. 

Fun Ideas to Inspire Your Next Company Picnic

Thinking of hosting a company picnic or team event but not sure where to start? We’ve got your back. Here are 35 fun company picnic ideas that are sure to get employees and guests of all ages excited and engaged. 

1. Themed Picnic

Choose a fun theme for your event, like a beach party, carnival, lūʻau, or retro picnic. A company picnic theme adds extra fun and excitement for guests and can make the planning process a bit more straightforward. Attendees will love food, decor, and branded merchandise that complements the theme — like custom-printed beach towels or branded sports gear.

2. Outdoor Movie Night

There’s nothing quite like a nice summer night. Set up a projector and screen for an evening of movie-watching under the stars with a family-friendly film. Grab some lawn chairs and stock up on popcorn, candy, and other movie essentials to make it a really memorable night. 

3. Food Trucks

Hire food trucks offering a variety of cuisines for a diverse dining experience. They’re also a great way to support a variety of local vendors. Branded plates, cups, napkins, and utensils can help create a cohesive dining experience. 

4. Potluck Picnic

Sharing homemade dishes at a potluck picnic creates a bonding experience and fosters a sense of camaraderie among your team members. Tasting all the different creations sparks conversations and connections, allowing attendees to bond over their mutual love of food. From family recipes passed down through generations to creative culinary experiments, each dish tells a unique story and contributes to the overall ambiance of the picnic.

5. Live Music Performance

Hire a local band or musician to entertain guests throughout the day. Live music adds a dynamic element to your picnic, enhancing the overall ambiance and setting the tone for the event. Whether it’s soothing acoustic melodies, upbeat tunes, or a mix of genres, the right music can create a vibrant atmosphere that resonates with attendees. 

6. Interactive Yard Games

Nothing says “picnic” quite like yard games. Encourage a little friendly competition and get people up and mingling with fun company picnic games like cornhole, giant Jenga, ladder toss, and horseshoes. These games also tend to be fun for kids and adults alike, allowing the youngest picnic attendees to have fun and feel included. 

7. Water Balloon Fight

There’s something cathartic about the sheer joy of launching water balloons. A friendly water balloon fight provides a lighthearted outlet to let loose, laugh, and have fun without the pressures of the workplace. It’s a playful way to unwind and recharge, leaving everyone feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Plus, there’s no better way to beat the summer heat. 

8. Team Sports Tournament

Got some active, competitive team members? Organize a volleyball, soccer, or softball tournament for some friendly competition. Hosting a team sports tournament at your company picnic offers a dynamic and engaging experience that promotes teamwork, an active lifestyle, and friendly competition. It’s an opportunity for employees to bond, have fun, and create lasting memories while showcasing their skills and sportsmanship on the field. You can even honor the winning team with a special award or branded sports gear

9. Bingo

Who doesn’t love Bingo? You can get really creative here with custom bingo cards featuring picnic, summer, or company-related items for an interactive game. Don’t forget the cool company apparel, tech, and office must-haves to give to the winners. 

10. Tug-of-War Challenge

Always wondered which department reigns supreme? Divide attendees into teams for a classic tug-of-war competition to find out. It’s a simple yet effective way to create lasting memories and strengthen relationships among employees while adding excitement and energy to the picnic atmosphere.

11. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Make lasting memories — literally — with an interactive and engaging photo scavenger hunt. Provide a list of specific items, landmarks, or scenes participants must find and photograph around the picnic area. Include a mix of easy-to-find objects and more challenging tasks to keep participants engaged and excited throughout the hunt. At the end of the scavenger hunt, gather everyone together to share their photos and experiences.

12. Tie-Dye Station

Set up a vibrant tie-dye station where attendees can unleash creativity and design colorful T-shirts. Provide plain white T-shirts along with an assortment of tie-dye kits containing dye bottles, rubber bands, and gloves. Be sure to allow ample time for the tie-dyed shirts to dry so attendees can take them home as unique and personalized souvenirs of your company event.

13. Outdoor Yoga or Zumba Class

Elevate the wellness aspect of your picnic by offering outdoor yoga or Zumba classes led by certified instructors. Provide yoga mats for participants to use during the yoga class, or create a designated dance floor for the Zumba session. Tailor the classes to accommodate different skill levels and preferences, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the experience. 

14. Face Painting Booth

Add a touch of whimsy and creativity to your picnic with a festive face-painting booth. Hire a skilled face painter to set up a colorful and inviting station where attendees of all ages can transform their faces into works of art. Provide a diverse selection of designs and themes to choose from, including popular characters, animals, and abstract patterns. 

15. DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Indulge your sweet tooth and creativity with a delightful DIY ice cream sundae bar. Set up a charming ice cream station with an assortment of delicious flavors, toppings, sauces, and garnishes for guests to customize their own delectable sundaes. Provide classic favorites such as chocolate and vanilla ice cream, along with a variety of toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, fruit slices, crushed cookies, and whipped cream. Display the toppings in colorful bowls or containers and provide spoons, scoops, and napkins for easy serving. Be sure to offer a range of options to accommodate different dietary preferences and restrictions, including dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives.

16. Balloon Animals 

If you have kids attending your picnic, balloon animals are a must. Invite a balloon artist to create various animal designs and share tips and tricks for creating impressive balloon animals. Create a fun and interactive atmosphere with lively music, festive decorations, and photo opportunities for guests to showcase their balloon creations and share their newfound skills with friends and family.

17. Paddle Boat or Kayak Rentals

If your event is near a lake or pond, take advantage of the natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Partner with a local rental company to provide a selection of watercraft options suitable for all ages and skill levels. Ensure that participants receive proper safety equipment, such as life jackets and paddles, as well as basic instructions on how to operate the watercraft. 

18. Bonfire and S’mores

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your picnic attendees by hosting a bonfire and s’mores station. Set up a designated fire pit area with comfortable seating, such as benches, blankets, and log stools. 

19. Craft Station

Transform a corner of your picnic area into a creative haven with an outdoor craft station. Stock it with an array of supplies for DIY projects, such as friendship bracelets, coloring books, or painted rocks. Let attendees unleash their inner artists, creating personalized keepsakes to cherish long after the picnic is over. Crafts are an especially great option for youngsters while their parents mingle with colleagues and customers. 

20. Nature Walk or Hike

Embrace the natural beauty surrounding your picnic venue by organizing a guided nature walk or hike. Grab your compass and binoculars and lead attendees on a journey through nearby trails or scenic areas, immersing them in the tranquility of the outdoors. This refreshing activity offers a chance to reconnect with nature and enjoy breathtaking views while fostering a sense of adventure and exploration.

21. Bubble Blowing Station

Add a touch of whimsy to your picnic with a bubble-blowing station. Set up tables stocked with bubble wands and solutions, inviting guests to indulge in this nostalgic activity. As bubbles float through the air, laughter and joy will abound, creating a delightful atmosphere that sparks wonder and delight for attendees of all ages.

22. Raffles & Giveaways

Elevate the excitement of your picnic by hosting raffles and giveaways throughout the event. Partner with local businesses to secure enticing prizes that will capture attendees’ interest. From gift cards to luxury gifts, these giveaways add an element of anticipation and thrill, rewarding attendees for their participation and engagement.

23. Trivia

Challenge attendees’ knowledge and spark friendly competition with a fun trivia game. Add questions with a picnic-themed twist or test their knowledge of your company history. Or keep it simple with topics ranging from sports, food, and pop culture references. Teams can put their heads together, testing their wits and vying for the title of trivia champions in a lively and engaging atmosphere.

24. Dunk Tank

Dive into some good-natured fun with a dunk tank at your picnic. Invite coworkers or managers to take turns sitting on the hot seat, ready to be dunked for a good cause. Whether it’s for charity or simply for laughs, the dunk tank provides entertainment and excitement as attendees aim to hit the target and send someone splashing into the water.

25. Gourmet Popcorn Bar

Treat your team and guests to a tantalizing array of flavored popcorn at a gourmet popcorn bar. Indulge their taste buds with stations stocked with savory, sweet, and exotic popcorn varieties. From classic buttered popcorn to adventurous flavor combinations, this interactive experience is sure to be a hit with picnic-goers.

26. Karaoke Competition

Turn up the volume and let attendees showcase their vocal talents in a karaoke competition. Set up a stage with a karaoke machine and microphone, encouraging participants to belt out their favorite tunes. From solo performances to group sing-alongs, this musical extravaganza promises to entertain and delight, fostering a spirited atmosphere of camaraderie and fun.

27. Board Game Area

Create a cozy retreat for game enthusiasts with a board game area at your picnic. Provide a selection of classic board games like chess, Scrabble, and Monopoly, inviting guests to engage in friendly competition and strategic gameplay. Whether it’s a heated chess match or a lighthearted game of Scrabble, these timeless favorites offer hours of entertainment and camaraderie for all ages.

28. DIY Flower Station

Let creativity bloom at a DIY flower station where attendees can pot plants and craft beautiful flower arrangements or flower crowns. Provide pots and planters, soil, and a variety of plants for guests to choose from, as well as fresh flowers and supplies for creating flower crowns. This hands-on activity celebrates nature’s beauty and offers a meaningful memento for participants to take home.

29. Cooking Competition

Spice up your picnic with a friendly cooking competition that tests your team’s culinary skills. Challenge teams to create the best dish using a selection of ingredients or simply have participants bring their best dish and let attendees vote. Provide branded aprons and cooking utensils to add to the fun. This culinary showdown promises to ignite creativity and appetite, resulting in some yummy food and memorable moments.

30. Petting Zoo or Animal Encounter

Delight attendees with a visit from some furry friends. Whether it’s adorable farm animals or exotic creatures, this interactive attraction offers a unique and memorable addition to your picnic. From petting and feeding animals to learning about their habitats and behaviors, attendees of all ages will be captivated by this hands-on experience.

31. Craft Beer Tasting

Focused on a 21+ crowd only? Raise a toast with a craft beer tasting station at your picnic. Partner with local breweries to showcase a selection of artisanal brews. Consider offering samples paired with branded beer glasses or coasters that guests can take home to remember the event. 

32. Community Service Project

Make a positive impact on your community by turning your company picnic or corporate event into a service project. Whether it’s cleaning up the park where you’re gathered, a tree planting initiative, or a charitable fundraiser, live out your company values by giving back and making a difference. Provide branded volunteer shirts or hats as participants work side by side, embodying the spirit of teamwork and community engagement.

33. Pet-Friendly Picnic

Encourage a family-friendly atmosphere by inviting employees to bring their beloved pets along for a day of outdoor fun. Organize pet-themed activities such as a pet parade, best-dressed pet contest, or agility course. Provide amenities like water stations, waste disposal bags, and shaded areas to ensure the comfort of both pets and their owners. 

34. Live Art Performance

Immerse attendees in a captivating artistic experience by hiring local artists to showcase their talents throughout the picnic. From live painting demonstrations to interactive art installations, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Encourage artists to engage with the audience, sharing insights into their creative process and inspirations. 

35. Cultural Exchange Fair

Embrace the rich tapestry of cultures within your organization by celebrating diversity and promoting cross-cultural understanding. Have tables or booths representing different countries or regions where your employees or customers are from. Provide attendees with branded passports to collect stamps as they explore each cultural booth, encouraging interaction and engagement.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Next Company Picnic

Hopefully, these company picnic activities and ideas provide plenty of inspiration for planning a memorable and engaging company picnic that everyone will enjoy. Whether you’re looking for branded merchandise or a trusted partner to help you bring your brand to life, the experts at Strategies Ltd. are here to help. 

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