Case Histories

Case Histories

Honest I.T.

Company:  Honest I.T. of Appleton, Wisconsin.

Objective:  Honest I.T. is a new startup company here in the Fox River Valley. They were in need of a logo and some branding direction. They wanted to have a modern technology look and communicate their no fluff approach.

Solution:  A creative brief was created defining the ultimate objectives of the new logo. The brief keeps everyone on task and helps tame the emotion which can come into play with these projects. Several concepts were presented and final tweaks were made. Then colors were selected. Blue denotes trustworthy and dependability. Black is bold and sophisticated. The hovering H above the copy represents an open circuit which reflects the disconnect the average consumer has with technology. Honest I.T. bridges this connection with their customers.

Implementation:  The new Honest I.T. logo is used on all collateral material and their web-site. We are now onto defining the branding direction for this exciting new startup. Stay tuned.

Long Lake Ski Club

Company:  Long Lake Ski Club from Wausau, Wisconsin.

Objective:  The ski club was growing rapidly and wanted to have a few options for apparel as well as get some marketing materials to hand out and sell.  They wanted to get the word out in the community by wearing their apparel to show their affiliation to the ski club.  

Solution:  We helped them recreate their logo and come up with a few theme graphics for their apparel offerings.  Using a vintage look/feel we created a theme graphic that works well with distressed apparel and keeps the costs low by only using a one color imprint.  Also by offering a variation of different styles in both men’s and ladies we were able to outfit them for local events.

Implementation:  The new apparel will be offered to the club members and the community through the club directors.  By wearing their new apparel around town it will spark more conversation about the ski club.

Provisions Wealth Planners

Company:  Provisions Wealth Planners of Appleton, Wisconsin.

Objective:  Curtis Wealth Management was an established registered investment adviser. The acquisition of additional partners rendered the Curtis name obsolete. 

Solution:  Strategies was commissioned to create a new name and logo identifier. Critical in this effort was the need to create a name and new logo that had relevance, exclusivity and memory power. The result was PRO Vision a name that by its simplest definition had relevance, was exclusive to the SIC category, and its double meaning “professional vision.” The logo speaks for itself. Bold, authoritative, everything a wealth planner should be.

Implementation:  People tend to resist any change when their financial assets are involved. The Provision team understood this, thus undertaking a bold campaign to re-introduce themselves using the promotional products medium. The example here shows how we paired the introduction of their new brand with an explanation of the change.