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Mapping Out The Modern Consumer

Posted on Mar 14, 2017 by

In 1992, PPAI launched a pioneering series of consumer studies as the industry’s first assessment of the role of promotional products within consumer lifestyle and behavior. While previous studies are commonly identified as airport intercepts, the 2017 Consumer Study is the first quantitative analysis of its kind. This new methodology expands upon previous findings and is designed to better measure the performance of promotional products among consumers to enhance our understanding of their role as an advertising channel.

Advertising has a tough job. While aiming to increase recall and improve resonance, advertising is also working to reach the majority of your target market at the right time—the moments that influence consumers’ decisions—all to encourage action. Advertising channels, such as promotional products, are the mediums brands use to communicate branding and messaging to consumers to accomplish marketing goals. But with so many options, how do brands choose their advertising channels?

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